Tevin coleman or hot lockett

Now that freeman is def out idk if i wanna start coleman over lockett now i also have matt ryan and julio and my opponent is playing sanu if that makes any difference

Pls help squad

That’s a tough call. If you need the safer play I’d go Coleman but if you need upside I’d go Lockett. Same in any scoring format for me as well. No difference on your opponent playing Sanu.

I ideally wouldn’t stack three guys but if you have no choice the above is what I would do. Julio and Ryan should be solid in the game, Coleman hasn’t been great but he should get some passing work to help, Tampa have been good against the run but I’m not sure if that stat is inflated because they get destroyed via the air and their offense has been so good that they force teams to pass not run so it could be a volume based stat. Just something to be aware of that Coleman may not have a lot of rushing yards or opportunity, also Ito Smith took a goaline carry away from both him and Freeman last week so again just something to be aware off.

Its full ppr i forgot to say that this is a must win week for me i feel like coleman should be the start but idk hes been rather disappointing as the starter there fantasy wise