Tevin Coleman or Ingram?

Half ppr dynasty.

Footclan - am I crazy to think Coleman is more valuable than Ingram in dynasty?

Don’t think you are crazy…Coleman could be a real RB1 at a new team next year and will be used this year as well!

So basically you get one of the better RB2 with RB1 potential!
I hope that sounds some kind of logical :joy:

not crazy. if he stops getting hurt he could be a game changer on a different team. i just dont like picking him over ingram because thats a lot of guessing and hoping in exchange for a player that produces at a sneaky good rate. granted, he will be hitting the market soon too (more than likely) but you dont have to worry about a team change, AND injury concerns. plus he just produces more than coleman. so its not crazy, but me personally, i see ingram as more valuable.

I don’t think you’d be crazy either way. I view Coleman as more of a specialty piece ideally, but I think we’re just starting to see the potential/value of those guys grow and I do also think he’d be a solid starter in his own right, in the right situation. Ingram isn’t exactly young anymore, and obviously has a ton of situational uncertainty.

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