Tevin Coleman or James Conner

Can only start one, full point PPR

Conner for me. You know he’s THE back there right now where as Denver could be a two back approach and let’s not forget last years committee, could end up the same again. I think we just need to see a little more of what’s going on there with Lindsay.
Broncos have the better match up, but it is the Steelers at home and that’s enough for me :slight_smile:

Ughhh. Coleman doesn’t play for Denver.

I’d start Conner, and would definitely consider Coleman as a start in my flex if possible


I could have sworn this said between Royce Freeman and James Conner earlier… Maybe I hadn’t woken up properly when I read it or this is the first sign I’m going truly mad.

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Currently in my flex I have Adam Thielen. My two starting WRs are M Thomas and K Allen. Maybe the question should have been thielen or Coleman in the flex lol

Connor… they are work horsing him.