Tevin Cooooleman Trade Offer

Hey Everyone,

I’m currently in the middle of my PPR Dynasty League Rookie Draft.

A dude contacted me about my 2.01 pick. He is willing to trade me Tevin Coleman and his 3.10 for my 2.01.

I was planning on taking a WR at that spot, so I would be giving up potentially Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk, and/or Courtland Sutton. Should I do this?

If you don’t have good RB depth I would do that trade.

well my current RBs are:

Shady McCoy
Demarco Murray
T. Cohen
S. Perine
A. Collins
J. Allen

and I just drafted Royce Freeman at the 1.08

I would probably take the trade I think there is a really strong chance Coleman goes to a team that he will lead the back field next year. Only way I wouldn’t is if you are dependent on a WR.

yeah i would take that i just traded for coleman and 2.08 for doctson and 1.12 rookie pick. went through today im pretty happy with it.

My rbs are now:

I would definitely take that

Are you at the 2.01 already? I’d try to wait to see exactly what you’d get there

I did the trade already. I could have gotten Calvin Ridley or Christian Kirk, but I feel I’m fairly stacked at WR already. So I took Coleman for the depth and potential.

The dude I traded with took Baker Mayfield at the 2.01

Thanks everyone for your advice!

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