Texans Receivers?

Talking to 2 different guys. Trying to take a chance on these guys now. Just in talks at the moment. I am looking at shipping out Ginn and Tate to get Hopkins. to the Fuller owner i have suggested McFadden. (he is really hurting at RB) standard scoring. any thoughts??

Trying to take advantage while owners are freaking out.

Hopkins Owner came back with Diggs for Hopkins. Who is on bye this week. i think i might take it for that reason…

Well, as crazy as it may seem to some, picking up D-Hop and Fuller if you can might be a magic play. Granted, they don’t have Watson throwing to them now, which obviously DOES make a big difference quite often, BUT…on the other hand…you’ve got two hot players that may still continue to kill it that many are just gonna give up on now.

I just traded fuller to my older dumber brother for diggs.

He backed out of the trade anyways.

it was Hopkins for Diggs. McFadden for Fuller.