Thank god i ignored mike

Long story short… you don’t fuckin bench the #1 QB in fantasy… period. I would’ve easily lost this week if I listened to the “bench Russell Wilson” advice since all streamers (at least in my league) shit the bed entirely this week. If you benched Wilson and are going to lose because of it then I’m sorry for your loss… but always “play your studs.”

I benched Wilson for Rivers, but I think every single ranking I looked at had Rivers above Wilson anyway. Most of the day it looked like the right decision. In my case it didn’t matter because our playoffs start next week and I have the 2nd seed win or lose. With that tough matchup out of the way and Wilson looking so good, I can now start him with confidence the next two weeks.

Honestly when it comes to qbs i think this is where the ballers miss. I listed to them earlier and that was my only loss in the regular season. From there on i use other rankings on qbs. Mike for rbs. Jason and Andy for WR.


Just look at where they had Garoppolo this week. I couldn’t believe how low they had him.

I have Russ as well and started him too. I have to be honest, I stopped listening to their advice about who to start about 6 weeks ago and have been undefeated since. I love the podcast and find it very informative. But on the other hand, fantasy football is such a crapshoot that I find you cant just say, “hey, the stat sheet shows this so you gotta start so and so vs so and so”. Took one of the guys “start of the week” in stephen anderson this week and it pretty much backfired.

QB help please.. so bittersweet Since we are talking about QBs I lost Wentz not only as an eagles fan but with a big money championship on the line… please if you have the time advice would be very helpful! Thank you

QB help please.. so bittersweet On the QB talk I really need some help with Wentz going down and would love your advice! Thank you in advance!

Never bench Wilson. The better the opponent the better he shows up. He is a fixture to my lineup no matter the scenario.

Try not to be so hard on our boys! They still had Wilson as the first four qbs in. Plus they are just stressing the probabilities. 9 Times out of 10 facing Jacksonville is a death note. He had 9 pts and 3 interceptions right around halftime…

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I am not going to be hard on them at all. Had i listened to Mike and streamed Kizer, i would have won but instead I went with another option and of course lost. They do get things right even when they get some things wrong.

‘Start your studs’ only applies to bonafide top 5ish studs at RB, WE, and QB. Otherwise, it’s just bad advice. I’d never bench Wilson, unless i thought he’d be hampered by an injury or I happened to have another high end QB (within a few slots of him) with a significantly better matchup.

This! They’re horrid with QBs. Ranked Smith like 12 spots above goff in a week where Smith gave me like 7 points and I would have won with Goff. They also did the same with Watson lower than Winston in a week where Watson got 30 and winston had like 17.

I benched Wilson for Rivers this week. As someone else said… it looked like the right call until the 4th quarter. Wilson only outscored Rivers in my league by 3 points so it really didn’t matter.

This isnt really an indictment on the ballers… love the show… they just had some bad calls this week… but really the entire industry has srruggled with accuracy this year… my point was really that Id have to see wilson have like 3 bad games in a row before Id bench him… i understand the concern… i was terrified with playoffs on the line lol… but wilson has been a sure thing… id be more open to benching Julio honestly… but then again thatd be why ive never owned Julio in fantasy and never will…