Thank you for NOTHING, Josh McCown!

I’m up .12 points with Dion Lewis playing tonight. My opponent has Burkhead and Patriots Defense. FML!!!

Maybe they bench Burkhead? And Jay Cutler channels his inner Brady and throws for 5 TDs and 0 picks. No? Okay! Haha

I WISH! hahaha, Burkhead ran for a TD so I’m down by 10. Oh well…

Christ brady has 2 picks and 3 points at the half.


Yeah. SMH in wonder. This WHOLE FLIPPING SEASON has been “unreal”!!! BUT Brady has a big fat goose egg in our league. Full PPR

yea the 2 picks im sure.

we don’t count em or negative yards

Ahh. Ok…gotcha. Yep…that would be the difference.

If only Dion Lewis got in the end zone I could have won. Well… that’s a wrap for my season. Thanks again, Josh McCown!!!