Thankfully Hard Decision

I just received Sony Michel and Adam Thielen in a trade. Now I have a hard time deciding who to play/flex. Half PPR, I need 2x WR 2x RB 1x Flex

RB: CMC, K. Johnson, S. Michel, M. Sanders, M. Breida, C. Thompson
WR: M. Evans, B. Cooks, A. Thielen, MVS

Now obviously I am playing CMC and I expect Evans to put up a bounce back production.

Cooks and Thielen, or should I sit Thielen and put in Michel since Thielen is going against GB? Kerryon against Chargers. This deliema keeps kicking me all over the place and don’t know what to do.

As always you are all a great help. Thank you to all that help keep my sanity.

This might prove to be false, but I expect patriots to lightly use Michel (I’m hoping this to try get buy low on him afterwards so possibly wishful thinking) . I think they’ll be comfortable enough to use Rex a lot and BB old pals not wanting to utterly embarrass his old staff members.

But if Michel is heavily used he’s going to tear it up v miami.

That is how I feel as well, but therein lies the problem: who would you start? Sony over Thielen? Thielen over Cooks, Cooks over Sony. Sony over Kerryon, Maybe even Thompson over Sony.

Play two of the three right? I’d play Thielen and Cooks as I think unless it’s close Michel is wrapped up for the bigger battles ahead.

That is who I have in now, so my line up will be