Thanks Brees and Conner

I had monster games from Thomas and Mixon and will still probably lose thanks to those 2 --Unless Stafford has the game of his life tonight.

Anyone else in similar boats? Awesome performances upstaged by even awesom-er opposing performances?

Right there with ya, pal. Put up 125 in my main league, a .5 ppr, only to snag a fat L against 1 of the only 2 teams who outscored me.

Luckily in this league, we have double-headers each week. Not only are you playing your head-to-head match up, you are also playing against the field every week. Top 5 point totals of the week get a win, bottom 5 a loss. So, you can go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2 every week. It’s looking like I will finish 1-1 this week, so not a total stinker.

The double-header system makes watching MNF a blast and makes our group chat so much more active. Also helps balance out the imbalanced schedules. May be something to consider pitching to your league.

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i lost to brees and hill, actually had conner myself (lev bell handcuff) tyreek hills stupid return td and brees late td cost me my week. only team to put up more points than me this week i had 136 in .5 ppr he put up 149.

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Yeah I don’t know where my point total will stand with Stafford and Prater yet to play (still a prayer that Stafford comes up huge for me and pulls it out :grimacing: )

I was not expecting a shootout from that damn Saints game. On a related note, drafted Houston’s Def, didn’t like the Week 1 matchup and was shocked to see the Saints Def available so swapped them out… boy that backfired.

I’ve never heard of doing things that way, very interesting. I’m always up for trying new things each year. The majority of my league, however, not so much lol.