Thanks for nothing Leonard

Who else got screwed by Fournette to start your playoff week?

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He did what he was suppose to do but yeah, it hurt. If he could have got the TD he would have hit his projection. What really hurt though was he was not used in the passing which is sad. He’s got good hands but they left him in to block which he kinda sucks at so totally not his fault.

Even with that, he was still on pace to do ok but the iffy penalties. That’s probably 45-50 yards that got yanked. Just a bad situation. If I make it to RND 2 still starting him though. He’s going to bounce back once they look at the tape and stop the OL penalties.

Oh i don’t dispute the TD would’ve changed things and if I squeak it out he’s still starting for me but this killed me

Yeah dude I’m so pissed about last night. I had Fournette and my opponent had Lewis. How the hell did Lewis get more points then Fournette?!! How would’ve predicted that going into this game? Straight garbage. Three runs at he 1 yard line stuffed.

The only thing I am stoked for is that Derrick Henry was on my opponents bench hahaha

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haha thankfully on the bench or you’d be even more pissed

Ain’t that he truth. I got an uphill battle still with Fournette tanking last night. I need Tyreek to have one of his “Tyreek” games this weekend. I don’t care what defense that dude goes against, its a 50/50 chance he gets a 2, 70 yard + TD catches every game he plays in

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