Thanks for the bye; I guess

So I managed to finish the season 10-3 finishing on a 6 win streak and in 1st. Upon looking at the first round matchup that produces my opponent I noticed that while I get either the 4th or 5th seed I’m probably getting the the 5th seeder, who happens to be the leading scorer (I’m 3rd by 1 point lol) 4th seed is the 4th scorer. Now on the other side of the bracket my best friend got the bye also finishing 10-3, he gets the 3rd or the 6th seed, 5th and 6th respectively in scoring. I get that it’s just the way the cookie crumbles and it is what it is but dang I’m not all that happy about it and my teams have had a history of choking week 15 the past 3 years. I’m confident with my team this year and will eventually get over how the bracket shook down but I wanted to share my struggles with all of you now that I’ve found a place to share. Feel free to share your stories of an unlucky matchup, have a great day, and good luck in all your playoff matchups!

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Thank you for that buddy!!! To you as well my friend.

But…just curious how your P/O standings are set up. I’m 3rd in our 10 team league as well. But…at least in our league…1st and 2nd have first round BYE. 3rd and 6th compete, and 4th and 5th compete. Much like regular NFL.

So 1st seed plays the winner of 4th vs 5th while 2nd seed plays the winner of 3rd vs 6th. The 3rd-5th placed teams all finished at 8-5 but after tie breakers through matchups earlier in the season the 1st placed team ended in 5th. His big weakness is RB but holy moly the combo of AB, Devante adams, Mahomes, and keenan he just got Sony michel back too so that team gets pretty scary.

Yeah, I wish ESPN did playoff re-seeding. My Yahoo league defaulted to that and It seems much more fair. Alothough, this year the 6th seed is actually pretty good, he just happened to have really bad luck this year and surged at the end to get in.