Thanksgiving Waivers

I’ve secured a playoff spot with this current team in full point PPR:
There’s some juicy waiver options below that could help my team. Who would you pick up and replace? There’s no waiver priority.

QB- Mariotta
RB - McCoy
RB - Kamara
RB - Morris
RB - Peterson
RB - Woodhead
WR - Thomas
WR - Evans
WR - Tate
WR - Cooper
WR - Corey Davis
TE - Vernon Davis
TE - Olsen

On Waivers:
RB - Collins
RB - Perine
RB - Crowell
WR - Marvin Jones (just dropped)
WR - Robby Anderson
WR - Maclin
WR - Cory Coleman
WR - Doctson

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Your waivers are crazy stacked. I would definitely pick up Perine and consider picking up Jones, Anderson and Doctson.

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I know! It’s a 10 team league too. Would you pick up Perine and drop Morris, Peterson or Woodhead?

I’m not a big fan of AP or Woodhead but go Woodhead since he’s not the starting RB with Collins in there. Both him and AP are in terrible offenses so I would say drop both and pick up Perine and one of the other three WRs.

Thanks. I already have Tate so would Jones be too much?

I’m also not a big fan of carrying 2 TEs. Thinking of dropping Davis for a waiver as well.

I don’t think so but if you think that’s the case then go Anderson (who’s been the obvious #1 WR in that offense) or Doctson (who is becoming the top WR in that offense but starting to take off). Your call…

You’re going to have to see how Olsen comes back from his injury. Davis is a good option but he’s obviously only in there because Reed is always injured. While Olsen will get a lot of looks from Newton.

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