That annoying moment when

You are the only one in your league who streams QBs and everyone has two rostered and one guy even has three on his team… lol makes it hard to do sometimes xD here we go Baker Mayfield week 6 lol

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Thats the worst. Even Jameis is off the waiver?

Yep Dx all that’s is Alex Smith, Eli Manning and Ryan Tannehill as the top options

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yeah id start baker over all of those then

Yeah, that’s the plan. Just venting about it lol I have no idea why anyone would roster 3 QBs

Good news is there should be depth at the skill positions available

He has some favourable matchups coming up.
He would make a good investment, let him have a couple solid games. once he hits his bye, or puts together a couple of great weeks, trade him while the stock is high to a guy with multiple qb, for someone PAST their bye and ride them the rest of the way.

Yeah my team is absolutely a raid boss xD just weak at qb

try and get a hold of andy dalton. I streamed him, but now im riding him the rest of the way

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Same with me in 1 of my leagues.
I added him during steelers had ravens.
He has good matchups on the horizon and could also make for good trade bait if you wanna get someone past their bye

i know the feeling my dude. For some reason this is the first time (ive been a part of this league for 5 years now) where people are hoarding qbs. literally, unless you want fodder off the wire, you have to roster 2 qbs. I’ve been trying to trade for Brady or Ben (same roster) and Mahomes or Rodgers (also on the same roster), and neither of their owners will budge. I mean you think they would want some value while one of the elite qbs warms their bench but i guess not. I just dont understand it.

Same could be said for tight ends imo as well.

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Sadly the dalton owner lives in Cinci and is a big bengals fan. Lol he won’t give him up xD

And the guy who owns Aaron Rogers, Jared Goff and Phillip rivers won’t budge on any of them -_-

lol what. i feel like you should be able to get rivers or goff for nothing. like kenny stills or something haha

You would think… lol I offered Quincy Enunwa and got turned down xD