That doesn't look good, go grab Jaylen Samuels ASAP

Ouch, high ankle sprain or fracture imo. I’m going after him just to block the Conner owner. I’m gonna drop Jordan Howard and he owns Tarik Cohen so…

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Maybe high ankle sprain.

Conner - Gurley owner.

Picked up Samuels/Brown this week on waivers.

Dropped Samuels to pick up Ware.

Now Brown hurt his shoulder and I cannot even make a claim on Samuels since I am the one that dropped him to waivers.


Tomlin said its a “lower leg contusion” which all of us would call a bruised calf.

Hopefully for Conner that’s the case. But saying contusion could also mean bone bruise. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he misses next weeks game at Oakland in which case Samuels has a great matchup and certainly one any Conner owner would want to protect.

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Either way this looks like a best case scenario early on.

Doh! Any more clarity than “the injury is more severe than first thought.” ? Anyone who’s ever had a leg injury knew immediately that his injury was more than minor. I still posit high ankle sprain or hairline fracture. What did Tomlin have to gain by underplaying the severity of this injury? Seemed obvious he would miss at least a week to me.

You can’t pick up Kelly??? Was thinking you mentioned that on another post.

I can pick up Kelly. I can’t make a claim on Samuels.

OK…just curious…would you lean Kelly or Davis???

I have no clue. I want to say Kelly just based on preseason alone. Davis has been active though for 8 games and Kelly zero. Davis has been playing special teams. He hasn’t touched the ball. It’s just a guess with either one. I set my waiver priority Wilson-Ridley-Kelly.

TY buddy. I’m thinking the same thing. Loved what I saw from Kelly this summer. I think he’s someone to watch in the next year. I think he could be GOLD given the right opportunity!!!

Thanks buddy. And BTW…best of luck to you my friend in the upcoming weeks. I enjoy conversing with you and value your opinions!!! :+1:

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