THAT'S your first trade offer of the season?

Just wanted to share and provide a chance to LOL at this offer. 8 team league, not a lot of trading (sadly). My girlfriend is 5-1 and so is this one other team, and they play eachother this week. So he sends the trade offer of Jordy & Cam for Antonio Brown. Before the matchup this week but after all the Aaron Rodgers news.

This is the owner who rejected an earlier trade by me for Jordy, and also didn’t bite on McCaffrey for Mixon straight up. And now he’s trying to get the #1 WR for a QB (gf has Watson on bye and Luck on her bench) and downgraded Jordy. Too little, too late.

If this is an offer he thinks is acceptable, I’m never going to be able to sensibly trade with this guy. Sigh.

you are correct, that is someone who doesn’t understand value. A little exercise/veteran move that works sometimes is to bust out the trade value chart from a site like 4for4 or CBS. It’s sort of like a third party evaluating the trade. Can help sometimes with people like this.

I would recommend something different actually. I have found that there are two types of people who don’t understand value.

  1. Those that think that every player on their team, just by virtue of being on their team, is a tremendous player and they would be “crazy” to give that player up for anything less than the second coming of Barry Sanders. These are the ones you can’t trade with no matter what.
  2. Those who have somewhat random valuations on players, that are usually based on either actual value in football (so they pick Tom Brady 1 overall), the name value, or just plain recency biases (so AP is back to 2012 AP).

The second one is more common I’m finding. In that case, there are some players that you will never be able to trade for. It is impossible to take Brady from them, but you could sell Brady to them for a kings ransom. I would suggest finding the players that this guy has weird valuations on and trade them to him.

  1. This guy just thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and everyone is dumb. So you can’t trade with him either.

I agree with everything you said. My point was sometimes (like 1 out of 10 times) when you get someone like above you can sway them with this trade value gimmick. I.e. if you use the CBS trade value chart Brown is worth 37, and Cam is worth 14 and Jordy 17. Doesn’t add up, then you can go back and say not good enough, sweeten the deal or whatever your situation may be. Ultimately as mentioned this type of person can’t be reasoned with but the types like point 2 might be swayed with this trick.