The 5 spot

I’m in the 5 spot and am torn on talking Antonio Brown or a RB, if I take AB, I’m not so happy with my potential RB’s falling to me in second round… any thoughts?

I’m really coming around to taking whichever of Bell, Gurley, Zeke, DJ or Barkley (yes, really) is available at 5. I can’t argue with Brown, but personally, I like the way my team looks a lot more with one of those 5 and whatever WR falls to me in the 2nd than I do when it’s Brown and Howard/Mixon/CMC/Etc.

It is tough, cause you have to make a tough choice. Do you take the most consistent, high end performers of any position, or do you take an RB which is almost a necessity at this point? I’m taking brown. I love Barkley, I love what his potential says. But there is no questions with brown. You will get a top, high end performer. It does suck trying to get an RB later on. But brown is the only WR that doesnt bother me with. But I wouldn’t fault you for taking Barkley here, or my choice over barkley… Melvin Gordon.

Is this redraft or dynasty? and how many teams?

If it’s redraft, I’m going AB without thinking it twice. You should be able to get a solid RB1 in the 2nd round.
If it’s dynasty, I would go with OBJ, Nuk, or Barkley, depending on availability.

Name a solid RB1 going in the 2nd… I’ll wait.

Dalvin Cook

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Going at the end of the 1st. And almost certainly not there at 17.

Devante Freeman is going at the 17 spot. Just sayin lol.

Yea, that’s the best bet. I would be ok with Brown and Freeman, but I can tell you he won’t be there in any of my leagues. I’d also probably still prefer Barkley and Jones, Thomas, Allen, Green or Adams.

I’d even consider taking Freeman any way and getting someone like Fitz in the 3rd.

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We would gun down Saquan Barkley and wouldn’t look back!

Howard, McKinnon, collins

Redraft, 12 teams

As much as I love WR, I do not love my mock drafts if I pass on RB in the first. And even the 2nd in many cases. No doubt AB helps your squad and I would never fault you, but I think the WRs 3rd+ rounds are much stronger than RBs in that range. Might be my first year going RB / RB.