The 5th spot

Drafting in the middle of a 10 tm PPR, and curious to hear some others draft strategies. Assuming the big four will be off the board, I prefer Hopkins over all other RBs. Say you take Hop there, are you trying to get Kelce in the 2nd or someone like Connor, Chubb, or Keryon in the 2nd? Thanks!

I’ve been doing some best balls and have taken David Johnson in the fifth spot. I like the fact that the Cardinals are going to try for a far higher play volume, and DJ is going to be catching more passes this year with competent coaches. I’m also down on Houston a little because their schedule is far more difficult this year, and Bill O’Brien doesn’t have the best playcalling.

I’d probably take Conner in the second, and not be disappointed if I got Chubb instead and hope Kerryon falls to the late 3rd round (which I’ve seen in best ball). It’s weird, sometimes Davante Adams is falling a bit, I’d prefer him over Hopkins.