The 9 spot

I just learned my draft order spot and I acquired the 9 spot. I’ve done multiple mocks and I’ve gotten a different guy each time. It’s a 10 team full ppr. I normally go rb first. What would your first pick me in my position?

Depends who falls to me. Guys who are locked and loaded for all 3 downs go first. The usual top 4, AB, will be gone for sure. I’m still stuck between Gordon and AH, but in full ppr I definitely go Gordon. The value differential increases for pass catching RBs by too much. In full PPR there are plenty of relevant WRs you can play while dominating the RB game.

I’d probably go julio/odell and then you can still get hunt/fournette/barkley/gordon in rd2. Or vice versa. At pick 9 in a 10 team you will land 2 ELITE rb’s or wr’s regardless.

I don’t see Barkley falling to the 9 spot, let alone the 2nd round.

If by some miracle, David Johnson (or one of the other top 4 backs) falls to you at 9, then by all means make the pick, otherwise you have a few different options.

If you’re a fan of ZeroRB, the 9 spot isn’t a bad place to employ the strategy. Securing OBJ and Julio/Green/Thomas as your 1-2 punch isn’t out of the realm of possibility, and gives you a massive advantage at the position, especially in full PPR. With the pass catching backs like Dion Lewis, Chris Thompson, Tarik Cohen, ETC available in the middle to late rounds, it’s easier to construct a deep team with ZeroRB in this format.

If you DON’T like ZeroRB (and I tend to fall into that category myself) then grabbing the highest rated player at their position would be my strategy. It’s likely that a WR will be there at 9 that gives you the best value (as mentioned by another poster, OBJ seems to be falling) and then pair him with the guy you think has the best chance of playing three downs. I personally like Gordon this year, I think he’ll be far more involved in the passing game, and should improve (if slightly) on his efficiency as the offense around him improves.

Hunt is a bit of a risk with so many decent backs on the roster who can steal some of his touches, but he’s still likely to see a lot of work on the ground AND in the passing game.

Fournette isn’t as valuable in the PPR formats in my opinion, so I’d probably view him as a last resort in this area of the draft; I’m drafting him if I don’t have anyone else I like better.

Would be fantastic if I can get Gordon!

I wouldn’t be surprised at 2.02 in a 10 team league to see Gordon available, that’s about his sweet spot I’ve seen.

My first thought was for Melvin Gordon. I don’t know your league and I know that in my old leagues Melvin Gordon has about a 50/50 chance of making it to the 9 spot. If Gordon doesn’t make it to you and your favorite RBs have all fallen, you’re nearly right at the turn so if possible I’d maybe double up on WR like a DHop + K. Allen power move and see if you can’t take advantage of some later RBs. I normally go RB first as well so I’m internally torn about this. There’s quality RBs later but I’m thinking more about a double up on WR for the possibility of a trade after the first two weeks or so one some of those RBs have busted. Really depends on who falls to you. If I can get Gordon at the 9 I’ll do it all year long!


I’d actually expect Gordon to fall to the 2nd round in most 10 league formats… if he doesn’t it means OBJ and Hopkins are both likely available at the 9 spot making WR/WR start an almost no brainer. It’s a funny thing drafting near the turn in the first; you have to prepare for all eventualities.


I appreciate all the feedback everyone! The footclan does assemble lol. I do like taking 2 rb’s first and if Gordon is there that’s most likely what I’ll try and do depending what the 10 spot does.