The Amari Cooper Healing and/or Gloating Circle

Thoughts on Coop going forward? Should we trust that this vintage Amari is here to stay?

Trust it. And roll with it.

He obviously wont go for 200 again most likely, but I think he is a pretty safe play going forward.

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Yeah. I’m getting a lot of “sell high” chatter but…my gut says to keep him. I didn’t listen to the “sell high” on Fuller and it paid off. I’m kinda weak at RB so it’s tempting but…he looked good.

I think he is a great WR but he has a ton of drops… last night Carr did not go to him on the final stand with like 5 chances at the end zone. I played him and I am glad I did but if I get a good trade offer for a more consistent player.

After losing OBJ this season I made a trade for Cooper. Wanted someone who I could get for cheap (got him last week) and has potential to explode and be a #1. So far it is working. I would not trade him unless you are getting something great in return.

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Every league has that guy that jumps on the hot hand after a week. I bet someone would give up something more consistent and better for him.