The Andrew Luck Saga

Is it worth taking an early flier on Luck @ 8.9 given I already took Rodgers one round earlier in a 12 team 0.5 PPR best ball draft? Roster looks like 1 Qb, 3 RB, 2 WR, and 1 TE thus far. I’d be missing out on my 3rd WR like a Pettis, Jones, Allison, Jones jr, etc.


Nah, you’re fine. You have Rodgers you’re fine.

Grab someone later like Trubisky, Josh Allen, maybe Sam Darnold. Lots of options for your second QB in Best Ball.

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If you have Aaron Rodgers there isn’t much of a point to pick Andrew Luck here imo. Stick with 1QB and deal with Rodgers’ BYE when you come to it. Use the extra roster spot on RB/WR depth

I found Goff in the 14th round of a few best ball drafts. Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold have always been available. Dak is frequently available as are a number of other guys.

I’d pass on Luck if I were you, I’d rather try to get someone like Pettis or Curtis Samuel (if he fell that far).

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That’d be amazing. I haven’t seen in any of my best balls where Samuel is available past the 10th, at best.