The Bell problem

What would you guys think Bell’s trade value is now?

I am in the same dilemma…

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I think you need to work on the assumption he wont be back until week 10, and that’s when he needs to sign there’s no way to know what his condition will be so he may not play until week 11 and who knows if he will take a week or two to get used to having his usual workload. Best case i think he is back after the bye week in week 8 but again may not be fully game speed until week 9 or 10.

It’s an ugly situation if you don’t own Conner, and if Conner is playing well there’s no guarantee that he doesn’t maintain some of the workload. He wants to make sure that job is his next year and they know Bell is going there are a lot of variables here, plus the team and teammates are pissed with Bell rightly or wrongly. If you can trade him for useable players now but i think as it seems he’s out until week 10 the time to trade him has passed so he’s a hold and hope.

You can trade If some will give you solid value RB2 with upside and say a WR3 with upside or if someone will give you RB1 value but both are very unlikely now though unless someone has really good starter depth and is able to hold a guy for another 8 weeks with no usage, again unlikely…

I’m being offered Bell for Fournette, and Bell for Ajayi and Hilton. Which would you choose

What’s the rest of your squad look like? Also how many players do you start in each posistion and what’s the scoring format?

Qb: Stafford
RB: Bell, Alex Collins, Adrian Peterson, Matt Breida, Philip Lindsay,
WR: Devante Adams, Amari Cooper, Robert Woods, Quincy Enuwa, Alshon Jeffery
TE: Gronk
D: Bears
K: Mason Crosby

1/2. PPR. 1 QB 2 WR 2RB 1 Flex

I offered the trade of Bell/Landry to the Conner owner for Zeke/Thielen. Enough? Not enough? I have no idea at this point. He’s 2-0 and i’m 0-2 so i need help now.

If they would take that then bite their hand off but that will be tough to pull off. The Hilton and Ajayi trade is interesting, if you could get a better RB from them that would be better. I don’t hate Fournette straight up but as a Fournette owner myself you do need to brace yourself for injuries. You are pretty solid overall and Ajayi (proving nothing more sinister is going on with his injuries) and Hilton makes you very stable with a lot of depth so that would be my preferred if you can’t get more