The Best Dynasty Start Up League (Fun, Friendly, but Competitive for $$$)

Hey Foot Clan!

I’ve seen a few Dynasty Start up posts on here. I’m looking to transfer some of my previous league owners into a new dynasty setup

HOWEVER… I have some owner slots empty for this season. It’s a fun friendly league but we all also want to win. I’m looking for serious hands on owners. Im looking for fun players that will be involved in the league. (No set and forget players, no leavers,)

The tone of the league will be competitive but also casual. IT DOESNT MATTER IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST DYNASTY LEAGUE OR YOUR 10TH.

Im looking for people that will not just set line ups but also be active in trading and posting. Trash talking is ok, but not necessary. You must be able to take it back and realize its all in fun. No Angry Tilters, Throwers, or Leavers.

-adults, sorry kids
-fun people
-active in league discussion (people that post to the message board are a must, Those who are willing to use video or join a league fb group would be a plus)

-bad attitudes
-stingy people ( $50 league. must pay 1st and last season upfront. This means $100 this year. That means even if someone leaves they have already paid for at least year 2. It also means that if you for any reason have to opt out that your last year is already paid for.
SO…no harm no foul. We can then auction the empty team to another FootClan member.


25 man roster. - this might seem like alot but you will probably have several bench player spots taken up by rookies that might not start for you for a year maybe two, so its not as overwhelming as you might think.

1 Def

14 bench with 1 IR

Standard Scoring with…

6 pt Passing TD
half point PPR

(thinking of maybe making all Kickers 3 points regardless of distance to help negate Kickers influence on games. We can take a league vote on it)

_There will be either a trophy or ring mailed out to the league winner. I also figured $500 payout to the winner, $100 to second? or winner take all (again we can vote on that. I’m flexible).


–we are not experts, or fortune tellers: so all trades will be allowed without league vote. ***Unless its obviously throwing or collusion.

–Free agents will be done via FAB (or Free Agent Budget) - If you are not familiar you get $100 dollars per-say and you can bid on free agents from all of your yearly money to $0. After that period is over all players are free for the week but your budget does not refill for that year.

Inaugural Start Up Snake draft randomly selected with year 2,3,4,etc. …rookie and FA drafts every following year in reverse order of standings.

If this sounds good to you, and you think you would fit in with this style of league then please respond below or message me and we can hash out the remaining details. We can talk via message board, phone, fb, or sykpe/facetime etc etc.

This is a legit league and we need legit Footclan level owners.


Thank you for your interest.


What is buy in?

Hey Izzy - This league sounds exactly what I am looking for. How many teams are you looking to fill and what league platform do you guys play with? Reach out to me at

Hey Izzy!

Sounds perfect for what I am looking for. Not much of a s*** talker but I love playing the game and will be an engaged owner. I like the first and last year upfront. Makes sure everyone is going to be active.
Shoot me an email at Cheers

$100 ($50, for this year and another $50 for next all up front) We wanted to originally do $100 each but it was mentioned to me that since we are playing with some new people its better to start small.

if your interested shoot me your email.

This sounds amazing…I would love to join! If there is still room, please send me an email at


Hi Izzy- any open spots remaining? I’d love to get into one dynasty league this year with some footclan folks!! If so,