The better stash?

Who’s the better stash as the Melvin Gordon owner, Austin Ekeler or Nick Chubb? I also have Carlos Hyde, Jordan Wilkins, Sony Michel and Jordan Howard at running back. I would be picking Ekeler up… Thanks!

Chubb by a lot. He’s far more talented and I don’t think Eckler is a true handcuff anyway.

As a Gordon owner myself, I’d take Ekeler. He doesn’t have any competition if Melvin were to go down. Chubb still has Duke Johnson running around.

Yes he does. He’s a 200 lb change of pace back. He isn’t going to be a 20+ touch back even if Gordon did go down. Chubb is a future star and could conceivably take over that backfield without injury help. This shouldn’t be close.

Just sayin’…

And? A rotoworld blurb that doesn’t even suggest he’d be a bell cow doesn’t seem like much of an argument to me.

He’s an explosive, small back. I know that. Gordon going down would boost his workload. Obviously. But he’s not close to the same talent level as Gordon or Chubb.

Ekler is a potential useful player, Chubb is a potential league winner.

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He plays for Cleveland. :slight_smile:

They’re going to be better than you think this year.


So there’s my conflict for those watching at home. You guys played the voices in my head so well!!! Ha. I appreciate you guys setting the stage lol. Is there another player I should consider dropping over Chubb? I just feel like Hyde fits that offensive scheme best is why I went with him? Also have Dede Westbrook, but I think he’s a stash for sure.

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I’d keep your team as is.

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Thanks for your thoughts!!

I love Hyde too. I targeted the pair in ebery league I’m in. I’d keep what you have.

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I was torn on dropping Wilkins, but as a colts fan I’d like to see what I have there…