THE BIG ONE: 10 spots left for 24-team, $30 Dynasty Startup

10 spots left for this beast of a format. Lets go!! Active owners only please!

League settings:

  • 0.5 PPR
  • 4 divisions
  • $200 FAAB waivers (+ $0 bids)
  • Usual scoring settings (4pt/pass td, no bonuses) except TE premium (full ppr) and -2 for INTs
  • Extra weekly match vs. league median

Roster settings:

  • 1 Superflex
    5 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
    5 Bench
    2 Taxi (two-year eligibility)
    1 IR (COVID19 eligible)
    No K or D/ST
    No Copies

Draft settings:

  • 3RR startup snake draft (randomized order via Sleeper app) + draft pick trading
  • 4 hrs/draft pick + “paused” (i.e. no timer) at night. If you miss your pick, you will be auto-drafted. Realistically, to finish on time for the season we will probably need to reduce the timer pretty quickly, so just be aware!
  • Draft starts as soon as we finalize payments.
  • Rookie drafts are linear + reverse order of standings for playoff teams (+ projected point totals for non-playoff teams)
  • If we are nearing the start of the season and the startup is ongoing, I will reduce the draft pick timer so we finish on time!

Payment settings:

  • Leaguesafe Majority Approval (1st - $340, 2nd - $200, 3rd - $60, 4th - $60, 5th - $30, 6th - $30)
  • Startup entry fee is $60 to cover the first two seasons. Owners must always be paid a full year in advance to encourage league continuity. Payment is always due before the annual NFL draft.
  • If you wish to exit the league, let us know a full season ahead of time to help find an orphan owner. If you exit the league for a season already paid for, your payment is forfeit and will be used to incentivize orphan teams.

Trade settings, Playoff settings, & COVID19 stipulations:

  • Trades will be approved by the Commissioner (me) as soon as I’m made aware. I won’t veto trades unless obvious collusion is suspected. If other owners suspect collusion, they can raise the concern and I will investigate and act accordingly. (I’ve commissioned leagues for almost a decade and only vetoed two trades ever which were obviously unfair.)
  • Owners can only trade for rookie draft picks in a 2 year window (i.e. years paid for). This is to discourage trading away 3+ year future picks when owners may no longer be in the league.
  • Owners planning to leave the following league year will not be allowed to trade for or trade away rookie draft picks.
  • Playoffs consist of the Division winners + Wildcards (determined by Win/Loss record).
  • Owners eliminated from playoff contention are still expected to set reasonable lineups. Any throwing/inactivity will result in that owner not being invited back the following season and any future payments forfeit.
  • COVID19 exceptions: 8 game minimum for a valid season. If there are less than 8 games played, all owners will get their money back and we will re-draft the Startup the following season. If the season is 8-13 games, there will be no playoffs, and $ will be paid out according to standings (tiebreaker = points for). If there are 14-16 games, we will have playoffs (top 2 teams for 14 games, top 4 for 15 games, top 8 for 16 games).
  • Owners are expected to act in good faith. I can only do so much to enforce the rules, so at the end of the day, it is up to each Owner to put their best foot forward and act in the best interest of the league.

I think I’ve covered all the major points. I’m a very active and fair owner and resolve most issues by league vote. I take commissioning very seriously! If you’re interested in this unique dynasty format, send me a message with a little bit about yourself and I’ll send you a Sleeper invite.


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Still open spots ? count me in if so

I’m interested!

Might have a spot bc someone hasn’t paid yet - would you be able to pay right away? (3 yrs up front)

I’d do the first 2 seasons up front considering that’s what’s In your post lol and yes I can pay right away

sry, the league has all paid up 3 yrs in to improve continuity. I just didn’t edit the post.