The Cam newton Debate continued :(

After he shet the bed last night at home, are we now 100% going with people like josh allen over him? I know this topic was debated heavily last week and now it seems to have gotten worse.

He looked bad last night. And, with their playoff hopes being gone, there is no reason to play him if his shoulder truly does need repairing. I would start Allen over Cam as of now.

im starting allen over cam too

Yeah i survived an horror show of Allen, Cam, Rosas, Ertz last week and I can’t afford to mess around with Cam again this week. I suspect he’ll be shut down to be honest. Either way I’m 100% going elsewhere, how he is starting to get ranked in the top 10 again on Fantasy Pros ECR is appalling.

I’m going for Baker off waivers, no one else needs a QB so i should get him but Allen and Lamar are there too if I’m desperate.

I felt the extra day rest, playing home and in prime time would contribute to him having a decent game last night but i was wrong, He looked terrible again + isnt running the ball. I got through despite starting him and going to play allen or baker over him this weekend.

I was of the same view but he looked as bad as I’ve ever seen him play, needs to get sorted.

Out of interest i’m going Baker as i’m buying the narrative that they are in for a possible playoff spot but also i bet they all want to crush the Bengals with Hue there so i hope they run the score up - anyone else agree and give Baker the edge over Allen at all based on that likely narrative?

That was my exact thinking. He had everything go right for him to have a blow up 25 point game and redeem himself in my heart. Instead CMC is playing better a qb right now