The Cam Newton dilemma

With many of us owning cam since he is a stud and has amazing playoff matchups and his recent bad weeks, are we playing him? I know many of us are between him and josh allen (myself included). With playoffs are we trusting him this week in a game were he could be pulled or are we riding another qb?

Was thinking of making a similar post, i feel like we need to get some real traction on the Cam topic and try to get the Ballers to talk in a bit more depth about him vs the most available options for owners who likely only had Cam as their lone QB - Allen, Jackson, Mayfield, Mullens for the week 15 and 16 games.

I’m personally really torn, this week is gross anyway and i’d have to lean Allen or Jackson and take my 15-17 point floor and hope for more especially a rushing TD. If i get another 10 point or less outing from Cam i’ll be done most likely so really need to avoid that! Week 16 Baker is available and would be great vs CIN at home but it’s this week that’s causing me headaches.

Leaving a season long stud QB1 on the bench at the business end of the year is hard but we can’t ignore the facts of the last couple of games, he’s in clear pain and it shows in his play and if they lose again they are out f the post season in my view. So even if this week he plays and they lose, week 16 is in real danger regardless.

Need some more takes on this before i bench Cam for Allen or Jackson this week… what a way to end a season lol!

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Same predicament. I just know Cam runs the risk of being pulled if he takes one big hit, so there is a chance Cam gets me 11 points. I think Allen will at least get me 15 with a ceiling around 28.