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The Case for Adrian Peterson


The questions I have heard about AP are these:

  • He is losing a step.
  • He can’t catch the ball.
  • He is bad at pass blocking.

    So let’s take a look at those shall we.
  • Maybe he has lost a step, but when he plays double digit games he gets minimum 4.4 YPC and double digit TDs.
  • It looks to me like he has great catch numbers, usage was his limitation.
  • I actually don’t know how good he is there, but Brees has a great quick release. He won’t need to do much.



I could see him getting some stretches of consistent touches since Sean Payton seems to love benching Ingram. At least he did last year. But we’ll see, hard to tell at this point.


Yeah hard to predict, they don’t run a lot.