The Case for Kamara: Why You Can Lean on Alvin in 2018

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A lot has been made of Alvin Kamara‘s other-worldly 2017 season. Super Kamario was electric, scoring the third most fantasy points at the running back position behind Todd Gurley and Le’Veon Bell in PPR leagues. He put up gaudy numbers despite only 120 attempts, with every other RB in the top 9 carrying the ball…


Hey, Andy made this article happen by March 1st! Eat it, Jason and Mike!


Haha that was the first thing I thought of too. Immediately wanted to comment on it, almost forgetting to read the article itself.

Good read though, it really has me thinking should I make an offer trading Fournette for SuperK in a keeper league…but it’s a standard non ppr. Going to be a long offseason of debate.

I think it’s rather naive to assume that a player is going to get higher usage over a full season just because he did down the stretch and in the playoffs. It’s entirely possible that they save some wear and tear on him so he’s fresh for the high leverage situations, like he was this year. Especially since they have a more than competent, if less exciting, option to share the load.

This could prove true, but seems less likely a scenario to me. Kamara was a rookie, establishing a role, and his workload over the second half wasn’t excessive, simply greater than the first half. Still well well well below most bellcows with plenty of room to grow.

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In addition, that assumption was based off a half-season of data + incorporated a reduction of his efficiency in 2018 by 30%. It’s entirely possible he stays more efficient than that, and this article simply serves as a foundation to why he should be as effective in fantasy. As is always the case, anything can happen…

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All possible. Just seemed like you were discounting the real possibility that the workload doesn’t go up dramatically and the efficiency does down (as you noted, the second part is almost a guarantee).

I guess I’m really just picking nits here. It’s not like any 1st round RB is a rock solid safe pick.

I am glad you posted this, thanks! I am in a 10 team PPR keeper league I have Kamara, Hunt, Drake-he be good this year not a keeper. I can keep 1, So any opinions out there I can use to help make my decision who to keep?


Is there a round penalty? All things equal today, it’s Kamara with Hunt close behind. Still time for that to potentially change before the season starts.

Hey Guys. Love the Show, Started listening last season, FFB manager for 2. There is no doubt in my mind Alvin is going to be great and will not dissappoint if drafted early. If you go back and watch his highlights (pre concussion ) last season they are dazzling. He makes plays look great and effortless much like how MJ looked playing basketball. You can’t help but to want to see him play over and over again. I’m sure his coach and the fans feel the same way, thats why Im not worried about his touches - he will get them.

Do you take Kamara over Barkley at 1.05 in 12-team ESPN standard leagues?

@AndyHolloway So there’s still a chance what we’ve seen to date changes when Ingram gets back, but in reality I’m ready to take my L on this one. That kid is just incredible…