The Case for rostering 2 QBs, 2 TEs, and 2 DSTs at the same time

I play in a 10 team Standard League. The fantasy gurus all seem to say that you shouldn’t roster 2 TEs, and that you shouldn’t roster 2 defenses. It’s usually a split opinion about rostering 2 QBs but I think the majority of the gurus say not to do it.

My team currently has 2 QBs, 2 TEs, and 2 DSTs and I believe it’s a winning formula (full roster at the bottom of the posting). My setup gives me, in my opinion, a top 5 projection in all 3 of these positions every week when you take into account the matchups and bye weeks. I think if you can be dominant in positions other than WR/RB then you can have a distinct advantage.

2 TEs Gronkowski/Engram: I drafted Gronk in round 2 at pick 18, and then Engram fell to the 8th round so I snagged him at pick 78. Given Gronk’s injury history I like having a top 5 tight end option as a back up. And if worse comes to worst I’m fine playing Engram as my TE and Gronk in the flex.

2 QBs Newton/Mahomes: Drafted Cam Newton In round 7 at pick 63. Then picked up Mahomes off of waivers after week 1 and started him in week 2. I think either Cam or Mahomes will be projected as top 5 QB plays for the rest of the season and I love getting to play the QB with the best matchup between them. Also I like having a steady veteran QB to pair with the upside rookie (I know it’s Mahomes second but he’s basically a rookie).

2 DSTs Jaguars/Broncos: Drafted Broncos in the second to last round of the draft. Then prior to week 1 of the season I traded Adrian Peterson for the Jaguars defense and Kicker Gostkowski. When you compare their schedules I believe at least one of these defenses will be ranked as a top 5 projected defense with the exception of week 11 which has JAGs vs PIT and the Broncos vs Chargers. For example the next 5 weeks I’ll play JAGs vs TEN, JAGs vs NYJ, Broncos vs NYJ, JAGs vs DAL, Broncos vs ARI. The thing I like about not streaming defenses is that top defenses give you higher scoring floors.

The Sacrifice: I only have 2 wide receivers - Marvin Jones and Amari Cooper and I’ve had to pass on a lot of wide receiver options off the waiver wire that I would have liked to pickup. But I feel like my receivers are good enough to at least compete with other teams 2 wide receiver, and being a standard league wide receiver value is obviously not as high as ppr leagues.

So I’m rostering 2 QB, 2 TE, AND 2 DST - AM I WRONG?!?!

Full team roster:

QB: Newton, Mahomes
RB: Elliott, Conner, D. Freeman, S. Michel, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones
WR: Marvin Jones, Amari Cooper
TE: Gronkowski, Engram
K: Gostkowski
DST: Jaguars, Broncos

Record: 2-0

I don’t think there’s a problem with rostering 2 QBs, TEs, or DSTs in general but I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it on the same roster. I understand your thinking with each point, but that’s basically 3 bench spots you’re sacrificing just to have options on positions where you only start 1 player each week. I think your RB depth is fine, but I wouldn’t be comfortable with Jones & Cooper as my only 2 WR options every week. I like them both as players sure, but I would definitely feel better with each more as my WR2. That and I just like to give myself the options/flexibility with my lineups each week.

I hear you. I wasn’t planning on rostering a 2nd quarterback but I had an opportunity to get Mahomes and I wasn’t going to pass on him to keep a 3rd wide receiver. And the RBs that I have necessitate me waiting a few more weeks to see how things shake out at that position.

I think the value that you got your TE’s and QB’s dictates the double-up at the positions. I would have taken the same had any of those picks been available in ANY of my drafts.

I don’t like 2 defenses, but you have two of the top, so I would trade not cut but that’s just me. Going with keeping two defenses; you could move either or both of the GB timeshare to get some WR depth. You’re loaded up at RB. By the time Connor is out, Freeman should be healthy.

Thanks for the response. I like the idea of getting rid of the GB timeshare. I’m planning to keep it for a few more weeks to see how things shake out between Jones and Williams, or to see if I even want a GB RB at all then look for some WR depth to get me through bye weeks.