The Curse that is Fantasy


Another year spent reading article after article.

Another year spent scheming weeks ahead.

Another year spent listening to hours and hours of the FFBallers.

Another year spent giving advice and taking it.

Trade offer after trade offer, adds and drops on the daily.

You rise through the ranks, you pride yourself on the knowledge you’ve built through out the course of the season.

You think you’re ready, you know who should start and who should sit.

You make the playoffs, AGAIN.

Then your opponent starts Derrick Henry.

And then it’s “there’s always next year”.

Fantasy… you love it, i love it, but she can be a real bitch.

Good luck to all of you who are still making there run, appreciate all the advice you’ve all given over the course of the year. Hopefully we can get some clan leagues going, as i would love to play with you all.

final salute


If this isn’t the most accurate description ever!


I didnt face Derrick Henry, but I had a team with Deshaun Watson, Todd Gurley, Sony Michel, Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, David Njoku and Aaron Jones…and I lost…to the guy who drafted Leveon Bell and just lost AJ Green and Emmanuel Sanders…

I totally agree. One way I learned to lessen the pain is to play in multiple leagues. Losing to Derrick Henry owner this week really sucks. Hes on waivers in most of my leagues. Ill take losing to Amari Pooper or Kittle but Losing to Henry owner (a person who purposely played Henry against Jags D that shutout colts the previous week) bites the big one pretty freakin hard. Hell, I lost to Cooper/Kittle and didnt play against Henry personally but Ibknow the feeling all too well.

What’s even worse is how everything unfolded in the previous 9 days that lead to this demise in the first place…

Cashed in all my depth, trading Lindsey (who’s now top 10/12), Josh Gordon, and Ty Lockette for kareem hunt at the deadline, during his bye week (so never even got to see him take the field for me), only to have him cut and reputation tarnished 2 days before the end of the reg season.

I thought “Ok, well, i still have plenty of RB2’s i can cycle in, and i still have Cam, OBJ, and Hopkins as my studs so i should at least be competitive”

Then my opponent picks up Henry off waivers and starts him, “Awesome, so he’ll probably only net him 6-10 points” i thought to myself.

Then Saturday afternoon i get the news that OBJ is out, and that Cam has been struggling to participate all week.

I knew right then and there that my season was over, despite sitting in 3rd place in a 12 team league then ENTIRE year.

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I won my 5 points and my opponent had goff. Hes not a happy camper

The Kareem Hunt affair was just brutal. I feel for you dude. You had to be thinking you made a great trade and added a total stud. Then…poof. Yeah, I traded for OBJ earlier in the year for this moment. I lost Sanders on that team earlier in the week. When I got the alert on Saturday about OBJ I literally needed a drink. I played a terrible team as the number 1 seed and won but I dont see how I can beat these other teams with injuries piling up. Honestly, it may seem obvious, but your team staying healthy is one if not the key to a championship. Luck is huge too. Thats the most frustrating thing. Being the best player only gets you so far.

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Someone in my league had Henry and Cooper Along with Barkley and Gronk.

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