The Devonta Dilemna - PPR

So I’m sitting in a need to win week to guarantee a playoff berth, other guy is stacked on KC so I have that going for me but I made a trade for Freeman for the playoff push. Now, I don’t know what to do with him this week in a crap Matchup. Full PPR with 2RB 3WR+ Flex.

RB: Gordon, Freeman, Latavius Murray (Collins, Ekeler and Woodhead)
WRs: Tate, Green, Diggs, Doctson

I kinda want to play all 4 wrs but that means only 2 RB’s rostered, Freeman has a crap matchup. I feel like Doctson is gonna throw up a huge day tomorrow and the rest of my WR’s should be played. That means I’m playing only Gordon and one RB and I feel like Murray is a better bet than Freeman or the other guys!

Ack! Would you run this Roster?

WR: Green
WR: Tate
WR: Diggs
Flex: Doctson

Bench Freeman, Collins, Woodhead, Ekeler

No way doctson cannot be played ahead of freeman

If freeman is back I would sit Doctson and roll with freeman in flex

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