The Devonte Dilemma! Start or Sit?

Hey Footclan! Apparently most of my bench is playing tomorrow on Thanksgiving.

I have Gordon and Darkwa currently sitting in my RB spot, and Freeman is in my flex (plays Sunday). Do I keep him in there, risking he might not play?

My best options all play tomorrow

  • Morris v LAC
  • Crowder v NYG

My other less appealing options on sunday

  • Parker v NE
  • Drake v NE
  • Corey Davis v Indy
  • Hogan v MIA (if he plays)

You might be able to get an update on Freeman later today, so i would wait until at least tomorrow morning to make the call. Falcons Monday game really screwed things up for practice reports. Is this PPR? Definitely a drop off but I think i would hold out, I could see Davis have his coming out party against that colts D. Good luck

It’s half PPR! So, Davis might be a viable option. I’ll definitley wait until tomorrow since I could just plug Morris in and hope for the Cowboys to get back on track

Yeah, I’d wait for an update. Given how atrocious Dallas has been in the last two weeks, I don’t see a scenario where Morris will be really effective against LAC’s defense, so Crowder will be a better option there, in my opinion, and that game isn’t until 8:30 so you have plenty of time to make the change. I don’t see either of those Dolphins players having a good week, but I agree that Corey Davis could have a good game with this matchup.

Agreed! Though Dallas is getting Smith back at LT, which should be a huge boost. The downside to playing Crowder is that he plays before the Thursday night game… so I’d have to plug him in at 3:30 tomorrow… and assume that Freeman won’t play (unless we get an update before). From some resorts, Freeman feels he’s ready to play… but he still has to pass the concussion protocol.

Crowder @ 3:30? Redskins v Giants is the 8:30 game. Chargers at Cowboys is the 3:30.

But yeah, if Smith is back at LT that will definitely help matters. The Chargers have just done a good job of taking advantage of struggling offenses this season…I luckily played their defense against Denver and Buffalo and it was ugly (but not for me!).

You’re right! So the news broke that Devonte isn’t practicing… so maybe I should just plug in Morris… or Crowder. At least I can wait until towards the end of the day tomorrow to plug him in.

Bump for morning crew!!