The "Do Over" Dynasty League (spots still open) on Sleeper

The Do Over League

Who wants to play in just one more dynasty league? If you could go back in time and not draft Devonta Freeman, not reach on Rashaad Penny (in the second round of a start-up! Not a rookie draft, a start up!), or maybe trade away for 2020 rookie picks? Or 2021 picks? Or 2022 picks?!

I’m putting together a league to raise money towards Haiti Missions

This way when your wife or friends ask “Another fantasy league?” You can tell them “Yes – it’s for a charity.”

Here is the breakdown:

$100 dues (all payments will go through LeagueSafe)

1st Place $400 + a jersey of your choice (you can even choose custom jersey)
2nd Place $200
3rd Place $100

$700 will go towards Haiti Missions this season. Future seasons, 1st place will choose and donate on behalf of the “Do Over League.”

If you’re interested, follow the link

Absolutely NO PRESSURE to play. We will randomize draft order / begin the 8-hour slow draft immediately after all spots are filled and paid for. The Rookie Draft will start one week after the NFL draft. We are also going to record from a Minneapolis-based podcast throughout the draft, giving you a chance to explain yourself and call out your opponents.

Enjoy the Super Bowl Weekend!

let me know if there’s still space in league??

Hey Surehands! We’ve got a couple spots left and will be drafting as early as this week! Let me know if you have any questions. Would love to have you join!

Yeah count me in, send me all the info