The dreaded drop.. Kupp? Cole? Burkhead?

Which of these guys would you drop? I would say Cole, but I spent a decent $ of fAAB, so I don’t want to waste the pick. Would anyone Drop Goodwin?

Honestly I am leaning Kupp, I feel like his ceiling isn’t as high… and am likely to pick him up again?

I would probably drop Burkhead. He hasnt done anythimg. SONY looked better than him and truthfully … there are too many backs in NE.

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I’d def drop Burkhead.

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Do you think he will be irrelevant soon? Or too hard to trust in the NE running back roulette?

Burkhead for me as well.

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I kbow your issue. I had burkhead in my league as well. I just dropped him for Latavius. Unless Rex Burkhead alone in the back field, I don’t see him putting up enough points on a weekly basis.

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I’m glad to hear others support the Burkhead drop… I feel like he is a mine on the waiver, but needed a bit of a push hah

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Yeah - Sony Michel gonna get the majority of the reps moving forward in normal game circumstances imo… but there still wont be a bellcow in NE cause uncle Bill is a slippery fish.

Thanks man! I’ll say this… I also planned to drop Corey Clement bc I have good enough starters & assuming he is in more of a committee even with no Ajayi… do you share the same opinion?

I need some help.

I have Burton in a .5 PPR. League. Evan Engram just hit open waivers. Should I drop Kerryon, Royce, Burton, Bernard, or Ahgolor? Thanks.

Can you trade Clement to the Ajayi owner?

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Mannn I wish… it wouldn’t go through in time… plus trading with the Ajayi owner is an act of Congress :triumph:

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Tough one. I personally hate carrying 2 TEs on my roster. I think Engram and Burton are very close in terms of upside. Engram might have a bit better floor - but not by much.

I’d stand pat if it were me. Trubisky has been frustrating but I’d give it another couple of weeks with Burton.

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If you have noone worse on your bench to drop and he won’t crack your lineup id drop him. I expect one or both of Sproles and Ajayi back in a week or so.

I guess you wouldn’t drop Lockett or Jamaal W over Burkhead right?

I think i’d keep both those guys over Rex right now. It’s borderline with Jamaal, because I think Aaron Jones takes his job soon.

I would take Engram over Burton absolutely any day. I’d just drop Burton for Engram. Not those other guys.

Why is everyone so obsessed with Burton? He’s never done anything of note in his career. His QB is low end. He has 35 yards on the season. Engram, on the other hand, can produce like a good WR2.

Its because he got paid and Nagy had a bit to do with developing Kelce into what he is today. Burton is a good TE - look what he did when Ertz was out.

No argument from me on Trubisky. That is the one knock on Burton imo - but if you watch the games, hes always open.

I knew nothing about Burton’s backstory or what he did when Ertz was out, so I guess I shouldn’t comment so passionately lol. I still think Engram is big step up from Burton though. And even if the Giants continue to suck, Engram’s workload will still be high, if not higher than if the Giants were really competitive.