The failures of MVS and others

More than often, when there isn’t someone blatantly obvious to pick up from waivers, people start to get overhyped. It happened to Ito Smith, DJ Moore, and now MVS. And this has just been in recent weeks. Obviously two of those three had an increase in value due to an injury but, we have to keep each other in check as to whether we are getting too excited. I still think MVS is a solid player with a decent ROS, but before tonights outcome I would have probably turned down some very solid WR 2 for him. Let’s try and be mindful in the future of whether we are overvaluing a player just because he is current and the most recent news.


Which I agree with all that but it was hard to ignore his efficiency and how much Rogers has trusted him in the last 4 weeks. I think it was weird/bad play calling. Pretty disappointing though.

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Agreed. Mike Mccarthy sucks.

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Yeah for sure, trust me I was on board 100% wth MVS tonight. This one didn’t work out, it happens.

They easily could have gotten the W tonight has they properly used aaron jones and adjusted the play calls…

As much as I liked MVS, he was always a WR3/flex option. In no world would I have turned down a WR2 which is basically an every week starter for him.

Just gotta keep in mind that when people, and specifically me get excited about players off waivers, they’re usually in the WR3/flex consideration tier. Hard to find every week starters this late into the season, especially at the WR position.

Also with MVS, he struggles with what all rookie WRs struggle with. Route adjustments. You saw it even before tonight, specifically in the game vs the patriots where he actually had a good game by fantasy standards. In the 2nd half, he ran a great route but rodgers ignored him for what would hvae been an easy 30 yard TD because earlier that game, he was not where he should have been and where rodgers wanted him to be. Rookie WRs are double punished when playing with Rodgers because he is very strict and kind of an a hole to rookies. It was the same thing with Adam’s first year, he was awful. Rodgers love to scramble and rookie WRs struggle with playing off script.

You’ll continue to see it going forward.

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