The Fantasy Footballers of Aviation!

Way off topic, but for you pilots out there, I think I have found The Fantasy Footballers of Aviation. I don’t know if these guys play fantasy football at all, but when they start talking about classes of airspace, VFR vs IFR and wing low vs crab technique I swear I can hear our Fantasy Football heroes talking about ADP, PPR vs Standard scoring and Zero RB vs RB heavy drafting strategies. It’s just that Rob, Lee & Scott’s domain is the real world of aviation vice the make believe world of the game we love to play, but they are the mirror image of Andy, Mike and Jason. The dynamic of 3 old friends bringing their different perspectives to all things aviation is spot on. Informative, most of the time, irreverent, some of the time, and entertaining, all of the time. I download a lot of podcasts, but there are only 2 that I ever really listen to and I’m sure you can guess which 2.

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