The Final Trade Offer

I give: 1.01 (Barkley)
I get: 1.08, 3.08 & 4.05

This is a 2 keeper league so there are roughly 10 or so players with an ADP better than 3.08 being kept. So the value is a little bit less than the numbers state, but still pretty close.

This is a non-ppr league.

I’m keeping Barkley

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i dont hate it. if you look at ADPs to get an idea, thats basically adams (i dont know who is being kept so i went strictly off of ADP for him) with a combo of 2 players. either lindsay/michel/carson/cooks paired with lockett/williams/kupp or my kind of favorite idea for this pick… someone like rodgers or watson. i dont usually buy QBs early, but having an extra gives you the flexibility to attack those positions. so you could even do an engram/rodgers pick with those 2 extra picks. so if that sounds appealing, do it. but there is also nothing wrong with just taking one of the best players in the NFL.