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THE Footclan League. The craziest idea ever!?!(Sorry for the click bait)


I had this idea of having a rolling signup league for ALL the footclan members.

Let me explain my idea people are always signing up to leagues on here because the community is so great. But loads of people can’t join the leagues because they fill up so quick. BUT WHAT IF??? There was a league where you could keep signing up until the end of the offseason?

We all love winning that #footclantitle but what if you could win THE #footclantitle

Well here is my idea, a series of leagues where we are all in competition with each other we keep the sign ups open and keep making new leagues until we either run out of footclan members or weeks in the offseason.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then sign up here with your email. And tell your fellow footclan league members about this idea because it just might be crazy enough to work.

Thank you for reading
(Sorry for posting in general but I wanted to get this idea out there)