The FootClan Template Project


Given that we don’t have any actual football to watch anymore (playoffs? PLAYOFFS?) I figured this is a good chance to start thinking off-season and pooling our resources.

Those of you in the FootClan Premier League know that I like spreadsheets and templates (rules, schedules, payouts, whatever- you name it). I figured that, given our vast collective knowledge and reach, we could put together an outstanding archive for other members to draw from.

I’ll start posting some of my templates (from draft boards to rule sets) in the near future, but I’d love to see what everyone else out there has.



Very cool.

I would love to see some of these spreadsheets… Don’t have spreadsheets to share but could share my keeper leagues Constitution(which is about 12 pages long) but could be a good template for other leagues to use and draw some things from.

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Let’s start with my Dynasty Rules Template…


and an off-season tracker template


And a Dynasty Draft Board Template

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I wouldn’t mind seeing that constitution Fr0sty11 :grin:

@szpek81 I’ll post it tonight

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Update: File didn’t save in usable format so ask me to email it to you if you want it. Sorry. This may be a bit off topic but here’s a very comprehensive sprdsht from (okay to share as long as you credit them) of Top 499 Std scorers thru Wk 16 of 2017. Since all my leagues only play thru week 16 I wanted this data free from craziness of wk 17.

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So other thing I’ll throw out there:

What would you guys like to see built? I have a ton of things laying around but I don’t know what’s of value/you all would want to see. I can also build things on request.

This is awesome. The rules template for dynasty is amazing. I too like doing spreadsheets (teaching myself Google sheets) and I have been trying to make an all-time stats workbook. Still in process but I’m curious if you have done the same with your league? If so, what type of stats do you keep?

So I haven’t done anything like that, but I can imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult. Sensible stats would be:

All time wins, loses, ties, points for, points against, heartbreakers (lost by 1pt or less), longest win streak, losing streak, years in playoffs, years in each round of the playoffs, championships…

For fun ones I’d go with: Number of trades, number of transactions, total games lost to injury…

Awesome, I think I’m on the right direction then. I’ve been updating my all-time sheet with more info like this on the new workbook. I’m about to embark on a journey of Commissioning a Dynasty League (my first at Dynasty) so I wanted to get all the stats that would be fun in and also figure out the formulas for things. I do like that heartbreakers stat which I will add that for sure.

Out of curiousity, do you happen to know a formula to automatically track the longest win/loss streak? Not even sure if I laid it out right but this is how I track the win streaks but I would manually input it to a totals area.


First time commissioner and starting up my first dynasty league, this is very helpful thanks! Was just thinking last week i need to draft out some rules/guidelines etc and this has saved me a ton of time as i can just tweak and make minor changes. Thanks again big help

My pleasure. I’ve probablt updated this further since posting, but let me know if you want any more guidance!

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