The Four Horsemen League

So three friends and I created this 4 person league this year just to have something ridiculous and fun for the four of us. We made it up as a joke and ended up really loving it. Last week for the regular season- maybe some of you want to do it just to see how it goes and maybe you can do your own next year.

It’s a combination of .5PPR and IDP with some ridiculous points.

So- 4 person league.

1 QB
2 WR
2 RB
1 TE


Bench is 6 spots.

No waiver. All players are up for grabs.
6 points per touchdown. Reception or Run in (QB)
Passing yards:
25 yards per point. 5 points at 300. 10 points at 400 yards. 20 points at 500.
We have a couple of extra points for other yards but you can set these according to your liking

Defensive scoring is where it gets funny:
Sacks: 50 points
Interception: 10 points
All other points are basically standard setting

So in our 4 man draft- defensive players are on top of the draft rounds.

So we really started this league to have something silly and fun between the four of us but it really ended up being so fun. Anyone could really win it- to make it more up in the air- championship is this week. So we just don’t know how its going to end.

Also, last place is being dropped off at a horse farm in a horse costume.

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Please post the championship roster from the final week!

Oof! Ha thanks for your interest. Well I got destroyed.

This line up destroyed mine:

Pat Mahomes
AJ Brown
B. Perriman
Nick Chubb
G. Kittle
Drew Brees
Chandler Jones
Jamal Adams
Frank Clark
Shaquil Barrett
Aaron Donald
Matt Ionnidis
Logan Ryan
Tyrann Mathieu

It wouldn’t have been so bad but Shaquil Barrett getting 3 sacks killed me . With our whacko scoring system that amounted to 150 points. I got beat by 200 points.