The frustration is getting real

I started 4-0. Haven’t won a game since.

I swear every week is down to the wire. I have only had one decisive win all season. Every other week I’ve had some fluke garbage either keep the game way closer than it should be, or cause me to lose.

This recent one was my opponent starting Tyler Locket. I went into last night with a 23 point lead and still had Drake to play. He have Locket. I lost by 30 points. Unbelievable…

The week before that, I made the “SURE THING” start with Mattison vs. a defense a child could run the ball against. That one burned a lot of people.

I have a good team and this kind of absolute nonsense is starting to make me panic a little. It feels like week in and week out, I can’t afford for a SINGLE player on my team to not light it up. If I have one player not produce. I lose. It’s getting old really fast.

Anyone else having this kind of luck? A team that should be undefeated getting derailed by completely improbable garbage over and over again?

Yes man. I am 4-3 because I’ve played Davante Adam’s twice due to trading and Each when he had 40. I’m also a Diontae Johnson owner and have played him when he’s gotten injured

My team is:
Dak (IR - dropped after this week)
Ben Worthlessberger (soon to be dropped forever)
Wentz (just picked up last week but didn’t play him)

J Robinson
D Johnson
Drake (perma-bench after last night, regardless of injury status)
Ekeler (IR)

DJ Moore (yes I started him and still lost)


And with the exception of the Mattison start and starting Drake last night (not that it matters with my opponent getting 90,000 points from Locket), I have played the optimum lineup every single week. I seriously don’t know what to do here. I need to be able to have one or two guys not light up the scoreboard without losing because of it. My entire lineup can’t be elite every week.

I Hear ya man. I am 4-3 have the 3rd most points scored in the league but also the most scored against. bad luck sometimes

Not a troll.

What makes you say this is a “team that should be undefeated”? Other then wanting to win…

I see a lot of players who have under-performed.

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Well it has more to do with the fact that the teams I have played against have just as many underperforming players.

I’m beating my total projections nearly every week. I’m losing games because it seems like everyone I’ve played against has their season high score against me and it’s always because one player on their roster puts up 40+. I had one loss that was due to Mattison/Big Ben underperforming HORRIBLY and even that week, my opponent still only won by 8 because they had Justin Jefferson go off for 42.6.

It just seems like every week, whether there’s a player in my game putting up trash when all logic says he should have a good game or a player putting up 40+, it’s NEVER in my favor.

Just frustrating that I can score 150+ and lose because of one player on such a consistent basis.

I’m just venting. It would just be nice to BE the person with the 58 point player in MY lineup for once this year. As it is, it feels like I need every player in my lineup to kill it every single week in order to win. If even one guy underperforms, I can’t win because my opponents are consistently scoring 170+ on me (and only on me).

Who is on your wire at the QB position? Because if Justin Herbert is on there I would highly suggest picking him up asap.

Herbert got picked up weeks ago.

The wire is:

Big Ben
Jimmy G

I’m starting Wentz against Dallas this week. I don’t see any of those QBs on the waiver being a better start.

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Damn that sucks. I think starting Wentz is a good option this week, probably what I would do. Bridgewater may not be a bad pick up just in case Wentz gets smacked the wrong way.