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The Ghost of JStew


Is Johnathan Stewart a good candidate to trade away after his week 1 performance?


I’d definitely field some offers due to his workload and injury history, but chances are he might end up a value wherever you drafted him. Splitting the workload might keep him healthy and near the goal line.


That’s true. I’m weak at TE and hoping to upgrade somehow. If I remember correctly a bulk of his carries were in the tail-end of the game. I worry mccaffrey will gradually take over entirely.

So I think the actual question is: Is this the Jstew I can hope for (either decent yardage or a goal-line TD) or should I sell high?


Depends how high you can sell… He might crap it for you some weeks if the Panthers fall behind, but he should have some nice weeks when they’re up. He’s much more of a banger than McCaffrey, so I have a hard time seeing him be phased out completely.


Yeah I dont want to stoop too low. For example I’m trying to get someone to give me Ertz. He’s weak at RB and already has Olsen starting.