The Gronk Conondrum?

Question mark in the title is intentional, because there may not be a conondrum at all and I should definitely roll Gronk out. However, given he missed practice today, what’s the level of confidence in Gronk a) seeing the field Sunday night and b) performing for fantasy if he does?

I picked up Jared Cook last week to cover for Gronk as he was the Monday night game, and still have him on the roster. But I need to decide tonight if i’m rolling with Cook or not. The other option is seeing if Gronk practices tomorrow and getting someone off waivers if he not, but there’s not a lot of good options there. 0.5 ppr league.

I think Cook is a good play tonight, always tough to bench a player like Gronk though.

I have a similar issue… so mad at myself for drafting Gronk LOL, I hate situations just like this that you have to deal with almost every week… I know he’s great and all but what a headache.

I’d roll with Cook. Until Gronk’s production / injury questions turn around, I’d keep sticking with Cook. Never easy to bench Gronk for his name, but Cook has been better this year.

Keep rolling with Cook until Gronk shows us the Gronk of old. That’s my opinion.

Roll Cook.

Gronk is just a name at this point to me, I don’t own him but he hasn’t smashed since week one and I would say Cook honestly has a higher boom chance than Gronk until proven otherwise.