THE hardest WR start and sit decision

So this is my 8man home league where this week I will be playing the other team that has the same record as me at 6-1. My problem is that I am loaded at WR and don’t know who to start.

My WR group:
C. Kupp vs Cin (Has been disappointing the last few weeks)
K. Golladay vs NYG (I think Stafford will make sure Kenny gets his this week)
T. Hill vs GB (Would be a no brainer but with Mahomes out…)
M. Evans @TEN (Hard matchup, but it’s Mike Evans)
C. Godwin @TEN (Has been an absolute stud, I can’t possibly sit him, can I?)

I need to pick 3 of them to start

Kupp - You cant really sit this guy, he’s Goff’s go to.
Hill - GB should put up points so KC will be slinging it and as we saw last week he could have zero points and turn that into a huge game with one catch.
Godwin - You don’t sit the WR1, ever.

The only thing id say is if you think youd rather have a safer start you could throw Kenny G in there for Hill.

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I second what he said but I would go Golladay over Hill

What a world, I am about to sit Mike Evans hahaha

well if it makes you feel better hes the only one that played and posted a 0 this year

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That is true, but that still leaves me with the question of do I sit Golladay vs the Giants at home

Im thinking of Golladay over Kupp tbh

Kupp (Top target for the Rams), Hill (Back Qb would probably rely on him to make plays), and Godwin (Best WR for the Bucs)!!! Please answer my question too :slight_smile:

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