The Hunt for Kareem

Okay so how do I go about getting Kareem hunt.

I have

Phillip Rivers
D. Freeman
M. Gordon
A. Thielen
D. Adams
K. Rudolph
James Connor
R. Freeman
K. Johnson
Q. Enunwa
B. Marshall (trying to trade for Chris Hogan atm)
S. Watkins
R. Woods
T. Burton

Need help figuring out a way to finesse away hunt

His RBs are not too hot

All he’s got are
T. Yeldon
K. Hunt
A. Morris
M. Ingram

You’ll have to give up a top RB. One of Gordon, D. Freeman, or Conner in my opinion. Hunt had a bad game, but he’s literally the only RB worthy of anything on that list of RBs you provided.

Try packaging one of your top 3 RBs with one of the middling WR/RB you have. Trading away two RBs that could slide into this teams starting roster would look very enticing.

He’s not going to trade Hunt when he is literally his only viable starting RB unless you give up a really good RB on yourside.

Lol at Bmarsh for Hogan. Good luck on that one, would def be robbery.

The dude with hogan is tilting sooooo hard it’s not even funny xD almost talked him into giving me Keenan Allen for jay ajayi. But our league mate talked him outta it haha

Also the dude with hunt scored the lowest amount of points in our league and lost. So I’m hoping the tilts too much I offered him James Connor and K. Johnson. He took Aaron Rodgers in round two of the draft and he lost Greg Olsen his third round pick too lol so I’m hoping the tilt gets me hunt.

If he lost Olsen, why not try sending him one of your TEs in the deal? Unless he got a worthy backup in waivers this week

Picked up will dissly who scored 18 points. I don’t think I’ll be able to talk him into trey burton or Rudolph. He doesn’t think about long term. This guy dropped Doug Baldwin flat out. Trying to pick him up but it’s a waiver rewuest