The important question: Kicker

Would you want Elliot or Gould ROS?

Can’t say I want any kicker ROS… but I want Elliot week 1.

Any particular reason?
Seems like Gould may be on the more reliable offence - even week 1 is against ARI

My Kicker criteria:
Consistent - typically +80 field goal percentage
Mediocre team - Good teams kick field goals less often and bad teams don’t get within range
Good Leg - good at kicking longer field goals. Especially in a league where the points increase for longer attempts

Robbie Gould was sub 80% last year and he was 0-4 in 50+ yard kicks. (Only played 13 games).

Jake Elliot was 85% last year. I think the Eagles offence is going to be rocky and he was 2-4 on 50+ kicks.

Fair points BUT Elliot made 22 field goals while Gould scored 23, despite the lower completion rate, as the opportunity was higher. Gould also made more (and had more opportunity) for PAT with a higher completion rate than Elliot

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Sounds like you are going with Gould.