The JuiceJuice

What a start to the week brethren.


Love playing against him right now…at least I didn’t start Cam though (he’s at -2 in my league bc it was a pick 6).

Those big play multipliers in my league are so busted.

Geez yours are even worse than ours. He’s at 17.8 points so far in my league.

What’s worse is when the QBs get the exact same multipliers

What on earth is PIT’s D doing there? Trying to copy what Carolina’s D did on the JuJu TD?

Can someone tell me why jaylen samuels la playing ?!?

Maybe it’s the Steelers making way for someone else?!.. ring any Bell(s)? Lol

Going against him in my biggest matchup this year so far. 1st vs 2nd. He has JuJu, only 15.6 for that one play in mine, but not a great way to start the game. I hope they bench the starters before he gets to 100.

Short week. They had Ridley in there some too. Conner was in the tent for a minute but came right back into the game so not sure what was going on there. He doesn’t seem hurt. He’s looked mostly pretty good but has been factored out of the passing game with the big plays and defensive touchdowns. He just missed a big run when he tripped over one of the lineman’s legs going through the hole.

Edit: Maybe getting checked for concussion? He came back in game and then Tomlin said something to him on sidelines and he jogged to the back. Announcers said he had got hit in the head earlier in game.

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I think it was a precautious move, the next game is in 11 days. I hope its not a mysterious injury to put him aside To make place for bell… at least I had CMC.

Concussion protocol. Confirmed on twitter.

I know he can’t get it every week, but man he started out this game great in spite of all the big passing and defensive plays early. This could have been a much bigger game for him. He could have easily got a couple of more touchdowns (Samuels, or if Juju or the Int return didn’t go all the way) and probably would have got 100 in clean up time, though might not have since it was so far out of hand. Frustrating as this was the week I really needed him but I can’t fault him because he’s the reason I am in contention right now.

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