The Kicker and what to do with it. A suggestion


What to do about kickers? I know many Fantasy players fall on one side of the fence or the other. Some want them gone. Some people like the randomness they add and enjoy when a kicker goes off and gets you 20+pts in a game. Some people are just used to them. Kickers, whether we like them or not score points in the NFL so I really feel they should be included in Fantasy and not ignored.

Now I admittedly haven’t done all the math and ran all the possibilities, but I have given it some thought and maybe others who may agree with me can add their thoughts and together we can finally solve the Kicker issue. My Solution and I know some have brought it up before, but why not Merge the Kicker position with Defense/Special Teams?

Merging the kicker and Def/ST would solve this issue and still account for a kicker’s stats in Fantasy while making Defense/ST a much more important and valid position. A position worthy of research. Worthy of a roster spot. Worthy of the bye week hassle. Of course adjustments to scoring for both the Defense and Kickers would have to be made, But I really think it’s an elegant solution.

Again, this may need some adjusting, but these are My initial thoughts and ideas on scoring changes to make the merger work:

Sacks and Ints would now be worth only 1 pt.

All Field goals would be worth a max of 3 points with the only bonus going to FG’s of 51 yards or more and it would only be a 1 point bonus.

Defensive TD’s would only be worth 4 pts

Punt/Kick Returns stay at 6

Safeties still worth 2pts

Stricter Bonuses to points and yards allowed by Defense with a nerfed bonus

Kickers no longer score off of extra Points but are still penalized should they miss them.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this. Again, this is just an idea. I know others have asked about it, but not sure if anyone has actually thought it out to any extent. If someone has, forgive me. I just would like to see Kickers stay in fantasy football but not be so useless and annoying. :smile: