The league is stuck and no one wants to trade

Hey Footclan!

I joined a last second league that was suppose to be 10 man but turned to 8. Still 1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 1 Flex (I know, I’m rolling my eyes too).

The problem is that everyones team is stacked and no one wants to trade! Heres my team:

QB: Alex Smith & Kirk Cousins
RB: Freeman, Gurley, Kamara, McKinnon, Aaron Jones
WR: Green, Fuller, Cooper, Sanders, Diggs, Funchess
TE: Engram

There are teams that dont have any where near as much depth and have losing records. I’ve targeted Bell and Brown but got shot down. Are these trades fair? And what would you do to break the ice?

Receive Brown
Give - Aaron Jones, Fuller and Sanders

Receive Bell
Give Freeman, McKinnon, Diggs

The reason I’m so eager to trade is bc there are still guys on waivers to pick up like:
McFadden, Shepard, Brate, Mooris, Collins, White, JuJu…
I’m trying to continuously upgrade before the playoff deadline but no trades have been accepted.

Oh and even with this team I’m still 5-3 to give you an idea of how ridiculous this league is

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I would take those trades