The London Dilemma: Ekeler or Edelman in the flex

Need to decide my flex before the Queen has her Sunday tea or whatever - Ekeler with Gordon limited or out, or Edelman with Gronk out (1/2 ppr).

if gordon is out you have to play Ekeler.

Would you play Ekeler over Ingram?

I dont know they both play good dfenses. but Ekeler wont share the load. If Gordon is out he’ll be the only one getting the worl.

yeah, i share the reasoning. Ekeler gets good numbers when rb2, and feel he will be a rb1 if Gordon sits, but the match-ups… I was just curious what other people thought. I have Kamara, CMC, Ingram(flex), Lindsay, & Ekeler.

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I’d play Ingram over Ekeler. But Ekeler is very tempting this week.